Monday, December 12, 2011

70's Super Bad Party Ring

Hey! Where'd you get that ring?

(This is a Party Ring!)

Sure is bad!

Hey! You got a Party Ring too! {original actor removed}

(yeah){original actress removed}

And with a different stone! {original actor removed}

(Everybody's got a Party Ring!){original actress removed}

Superbad! {original actor removed}

Hey, you say you've been looking
for that right piece of jewely
to set off a dynamite wardrobe

Then check this out
The Superbad Party Ring
Now here is an item
That is not only changeable
with your outfits
but with your moves as well

It's six different rings
Because it comes complete with six
interchangeable simulated stones
and the ring itself is a beautiful
work of Gold plated art

So don't miss out
Here's how to get yours
To order send 5.95
to Party Ring Box 7500
That's Party Ring Box 7500
Just send 5.95 to Party Ring box 7500

Note: This is the second version of this commercial. The original commercial had another woman talking to the lead actor. Original actors were replaced by a view of the ring in areas marked above.